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: Jeanne: Ricketts.

[For beauty being such

weapon of non-violence,

I devoted my soul to

the source of all lives.

Since it's only once we

realise, the World has

become a prison with

invisible walls of

distractions & revelations,

that we're allowing

ourselves to find ways

to escape and free one

another,  just for the sake

of being paradise birds.]

~Poetry-~© : Jeanne: Ricketts. -~Summer-~2016.

© : J e a n n e:  R i c ​k e t t s.


: Life-Injection: sketch.

~© : j e a n n e: R i c ​k e t t s. -~2022.

: Feather-Crown. [~76x51 cm - mixed media on Himalayan paper.]