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The-Quantum-Life of-an-artist.

Co-written by Dr. Jur. Holger Sprengel


Institute of Art & Culture

Barcelona, last update: Jan 17th-~2023.


: Henry-Martin: Ricketts. -~1944-~2020.






Alpha-wave dream-series, 2006-2014.

Mixed media on resin 141x212cm


"Never before has the

family of human kind, 

had a greater need 

for the POWER of ART

to generate calming

connections across 

world systems. 

As a quantum artist & healer, Jeanne Ricketts'

visionary paintings

link internal, emotional

and cognitive systems with external cultural realities,

and explore new patterns to comprehend  nature & human nature.”

Dr. Phillip Romero MD, New York City, founder of the Smart Peace Prize, is a psychiatrist, art-expert and author of "Phantom Stress” co-written by Joe La Placa, Director of Cardi Gallery London.

Dr. Romero interviewed scientists and other spiritual established artists such as Andy Warhol, and years later (2015) also Jeanne Ricketts at her chapel murals in Provence (France), in the pursuit of brain studies; building a theory on proving that art = survival and how its spirit can bring resilience and peace at all times.”

Further inter-disciplinary worldwide experts have also come to identify in Jeanne Ricketts' life as a Chapel-muralist, decades of  similar challenges Michelangelo endured during his Sixtine Chapel murals, as well as the same which the censored "Degenerated Art-Scene" endured during the re-curring pre-covidian regimes of our lifetimes.

The more her name got black-listed and ostracised on public appearances, the more she lost interest in the so-called fiction-mainstream arena and her re-silience em-powered her en-dangered art creations which raised her value accordingly.

Despite her rare appearances, genuine art collectors commonly dis-covered in her existing works, a re-miniscence in style with post-war artists, as well as with the waves of Hokusai; with Roberto Matta for her "soulscapes" versus his "inscapes"; with Frida Kahlo for a similar destiny and processes of holistic visualisations. And at last, a striking reminiscence with Zaha Hadid's lines, for both being driven by the shapes of dunes / oceans, as seen in Ricketts’ “OceanSkies”, her collectors’ most wanted series.

"OceanSkies" became her media and ongoing transcendental theme; an approach to metamorphosis and charisma, in times it matters the most.

NOT PURELY ABSTRACT, yet fully intuitive, Jeanne Ricketts' poems, mural​s and mixed-media paintings (1993-now) suggest a tartan of oceanic poiesis, blurred and intertwined into a wild, almost Aboriginal to Asian calligraphic style. Her works cross-dissolve into layers of diluted inks and have set into motion her ethereal trace. -  Contemplation and osmosis with the waters she sailed into life since her Day of conception in Crete, shaped the calligraphy of her own wave, composing her symphony via themes beyond her own awareness.

Born in Paris in the -~70s into a lineage of Bavarian-Scottish transcultural artists, poets (Mary Stuart, Rudyard Kipling) and musicians, her paternal Grandmother was a pianist and soloist of Aberdeen’s Orchestral Society and was her first teacher, sealing inter-generational affinities, Jeanne Ricketts embodies in her works. Her piano skills continued to be shaped by two Russian pianists, George Alexandrovic and Debra Maxine Trattner.

Her late father Henry-Martin Ricketts, was an inter-disciplinary, visionary businessman, orator, musician, historian and a pioneer of the Euro, which he helped activate at the level of banks and markets. He married Jeanne's Bavarian-Westphalian mother : Mechthilde: Freiin-Von-Weichs-Zu-Wenne., who was a Hasselblad-Portraitist-Photographer at the time.

GRADUATING w/AWARDS in -~1996 @INSTITUT-GUÉGAN, ~Brittany [France], Jeanne Ricketts, is one of our selected artists at ESPRONCEDA, our Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona and over time became known amongst pioneers in the cultural and luxury sector, ennobling innovations for brand recognition, in holistic awareness via large-scale, adaptable mixed media designs & conceptual art.


Whilst braveli witnessing a number of life-threatening challenges on the foreign-shores of Monaco Inc., she was persuaded by various worldwide legal-experts to leave that Mediterranean territory for River Thames in the midst of Br-Exit, with all of her lodial-creations, yet was tragicalli separated from her most-precious Father, who shortly after didn't survive the known fiction's lethal-tactics practiced under this on-going Global Martial-Law. 

[As pioneer of a long challenging-journey she finalli left the dead Birth-Certificate-System by Claiming Her Life With 

The Postmaster-General Of Our World: Russel-Jay: Gould.Concurring With His Treaty Of The Global-Postal-Union and is sovereignli navigating her neutral Live-Vessel in

The : NOW-SPACE: Jurisdiction.]

Slowly but surely, Ricketts' Renaissance sways with new pioneering projects, between her London-base, New-York, The Benelux, The Middle-East, Switzerland &  further occupied foreign territories.

SERENDIPITY in the midst of this silent-knowledge-labyrinth, merged her with various TOP-German Quantum-physicists who likewise fled their territories, which led her to seal her latest creations with the frequencies of Quantum-Source. 

Hosted by the "Four Seasons” back in September 3rd 2019, she painted her Wave-performance for the people of ~Geneva, parallel to the stream on Rousseau's island, which had never happened in local history before. 

Ever since her dedication to creating her "Art of Force Majeur" as a continuation of her short film "Trapped in Freedom" is also giving birth to a monumental piece, serving as a tribute to People's Sovereignty.

IN NEED OF SOLITUDE, she from 2015 to 2016 was proposed by one of her lawyers to re-vibe "Villa Solitude", former Beach-house of Romy Schneider and Alain Delon; situated on the bay of “Mala Beach” in Cap d’Ail (South of France), a coastal town Ricketts drew into commissioned stamp-series in commemoration of Cap d’Ail’s Centenary (2008).

The sound of the Mediterranean waves crashing against the rock-foundations of the villa, forever echo in Ricketts’ two series of 2.44 x 4,80m “Ocean’s Calligraphy I & II” (2014-2017); extracted from two segments of her original eighty linear meter street-art wave, initiated during three hot Summer nights on Port Hercules and continued at "Villa Solitude".

This large-scale piece became the pivotal breakthrough of her art-call, she concealed into her brand SWAY®. — "Villa Solitude" enhanced Ricketts’ game-changer and became her private show-room, in which rare exclusive panoramic sea-view gatherings took place. Her off-grid, interdisciplinary collaborations emerged amongst entrusted clients and selected industry-famed designers.





hosted Jeanne Ricketts in Geneva, in September 2016, to hold a conference on one of her projected “intuitive-series” in context with World-affairs and present her merged holistic family portrait entitled “Our Eldest Brother Iraq & Sister Syria”. 

At the occasion of the Centenary of the Armenian Genocide in September 2015, the same hosts awarded her for "Arts and World Culture" at UNESCO in Paris, for her compelling speech she held at their conference on "Genocide, Art and Peace”. Her words were illustrated by her intuitive drawing “And This Is Iraq”, which she dreamt about in 2008, pre-announcing an “upheaval coming from Africa”, later known as the “Arab Spring”. -

In honour of all victims of power abuse, “Human Wave At The Bus Stop” (2010) pre-announcing the refugee-wave at the time, became her 2nd donation for the AGENCE INTERNATIONALE POUR LA PAIX in Paris.


is her 9min autobiographical short-film, edited since -~12-~12.-~12. with an open-end by Franz Fox Kennedy. Revealing what drives Ricketts' transcendental Art experiences, whilst transmitting various premonitory dreams for-felt from a metaphysical dimension in synchronicity with the "Signs of the Times". 

Providential relations with a Libyan silenced hero who freed his country from the US-embargo till the Arab Spring took over; as well as living three years with Vassula Ryden, a renowned Greek-Orthodox artist & interfaith-prophet of our Apocalyptic times, shaped the puzzle of Ricketts' transcendental holistic portraits & World views ( such as "And this is Iraq", & "Sister Syria" ect...), which ignited her visionary works beyond control and comprehension, which only her Art is witness. 

Arising via inner locutions, and unfolding as to how we relate to another from holistic perspectives, her surrendered state of trance in her creative proceedings often incubate as mixed-media over-drawn to over-written poetry, painted over depleted resin prints she partially cuts and sculpts into semi-reliefs.


  • Satish Kumar*, a holistic author, deep-ecologist and follower of Mahatma Gandhi, whom's encounter with Ricketts in 2012, made him the first to fully comprehend her works which  resonate with in his own holistic writings and vice-versa.

-~2004-~2012 Ricketts' unknown-life was mostly lived from Jettingen’s Castle [Ge​rmany], birth place and home of Claus Schenk Graf von StauffenbergThis is where during, and beyond his legendary lifetime, he protected persecuted minorities.

This historic and serene place inevitably shaped Ricketts’ Art-call, in which she accomplished a major new phase of works.

Little did she know at the time, that from 1938, her similar  Silesian (artist) grandmother together with her (poet) father, Franziskus von Fürstenberg regularly met with Stauffenberg during his secret gatherings in a forest in Silesia.

It was only in 2019 on her Benelux-tour, that Jeanne Ricketts was puzzled to realise together with gallerists, that most of her “merging souls series”, 2005-now,  look as if they belonged to the post-war movement. 

Ricketts’ creations are undeniably intertwined with the lives of previous Art generations, possibly looking for intuitive hands to continue creating for the sake of a higher legacy.


Ricketts' solo projects remain her "forte", however from April 2005 to December 2010, she mainly co-curated and exhibited with a long-term partner of Louis Toninelli : Shahyar Amini, Founder of AMINIART (mc), whom she was engaged to at the time. - She also exhibited at late Marco Bianco’s In'Camera gallery (Forte Dei Marmi, I.), at Galerie Gollong (St. Paul de Vence, F.) as well as at Galerie Ferrero and the Biennale of UMAM (Nice, F).

During those years, Ricketts' works were shown amongst pieces of: Shirin Neshat, Dariush Mohaier, Hans Hartung, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Sosno, Arman, César, Mimmo Rotella, Marino Marini, Gilles Miquelis, Michaelangelo Pistoletto, Ben, Louis Cane, Nicole Cane, to name a few. 

However, various advisors who know of Ricketts' visionary niche encouraged her to focus on her off-grid, initial Art solo-path as pioneer. This hence keeps access to any or her artworks, rare.]


~Ricketts was commissioned by the French government to create her first chapel mural, "Heavenly Kingdom, Earthly Kingdom”, a 5 x 7,70 m vault-based mural painted in multiple layers of shades of colours, revealing the theme of a transcendental voyage to heaven, which took her six months of total hermitage to give life to on these old walls built in 1646 in La Doire de Séranon, where her beloved Father now rests in peace. The inaugural media-coverage of this masterpiece triggered over 60 murals of which another mixed-media chapel mural for the Carmelites of Monaco "Venite Ad Me" (3x5m) and ca. 150 small to large-scale art pieces, partially commissioned across the foreign territories of the ~U.S.A., ~Russia, ~Britain, ~Switzerland, ~Europe, ~Japan, ~South-Korea and the ~Middle-East.

HER COLLECTORS to name a few, are:

Omar Fayed, Pierre Cardin, Demosthenes Canakis, the artist Louis Cane (founder of the Movement Supports/Surfaces, Paris, 1998); First Energy Bank (Bahrain); and Dr. Bernard Massini presiding the advisory board of the MAMAC Museum in Nice (F).

NON-CONFORMAL by nature, she since early childhood confidently rejected any form of mainstream education].

  • 1999-2004 Jeanne Ricketts collaborated and painted exclusively on a regular basis at "Castel Caramel” in Monti (F) with surrealist and visionary artist Ernst Fuchs, who during his life-time worked with Dalì and Hundertwasser.

    In those years she also mingled with Razzia, the official LVMH Poster-artist, via whom she discovered common affinities for the vintage lifestyle and the Dolce-Vita, which later swayed her concept SWAY®.

  • In 1996 Ricketts graduated with awards from Brittany's Murals and Art Déco Master of its time, Yannick Guégan, whom’s remote Institute was by the Atlantic Ocean near Guérande's salt fields (F).- During four months of high-intensity studies of secret techniques you could find no equivalent in the World, Ricketts experienced one of her first breakthroughs. Whilst painting her very first large-scale “OceanSky” all students stopped to watch her paint, to the greatest surprise of her Master and herself.
  • 1994-1996 Ricketts lived her first romantic island-life from the Greek medieval town of Rhodes. From there she initiated her autodidactic mural-collaborations with local international architects, whilst studying Byzantine iconography under Eva Vlavianos. These biblical lines painted with Japanese brushes led her hand ever since.
  • 1986-1994 Ricketts graduated in Arts & Fashion as a quadri-lingual polyglot from Wald’s Art-oriented Boarding-school in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Jeanne Ricketts performs Live Worldwide on commission in partnership with international patrons and Art-collectors empowering sovereignty & innovation, and I am thrilled to count her amongst us at ESPRONCEDA since 2017.

Dr. Jur. Holger Sprengel

Founder of

[Pre]destinat[ed] Art-Studios.

© Photo of Schloss Jettingen by : J.: Ricketts. 


[Ricketts' challenging Art-life was mostly lived from Jettingen’s Castle in Germany, birth place and home of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. This is where during and beyond his legendary lifetime, only minutes away from Dachau's concentration camp, he protected persecuted minorities. Affectionately called "Jeanne's Atelier" by her hosts, the roof-tower and attic in which she painted till early mornings as seen from above photo, was situated on the other side of the left tower.]

[This historic location inevitably shaped : Ricketts.’ art-call in which she accomplished the majority of her works. - Little did she know at the time, that from 1938, her similar Silesian (artist) grandmother and (poet) great-grandfather, : Franziskus: von-Fürstenberg, regularly met with : Claus-Schenk: von-Stauffenberg, during his secret gatherings in a forest in Silesia.]

:Jeanne: Ricketts.' maternal grandmother

Maria-Theresia von-Weichs-zu-Wenne.

born : von-Fürstenberg.

-~March-~30-~1920 to -~January-~17-~2004.

[ Ricketts in the tour studio with "Cuban singer"2008, first piece she cut into, under Jettingen's influence, which initially shocked her main gallerist at the time.]

[Artist Jānis Avotiņš came to visit Jeanne Ricketts at Villa Solitude - 2016.]

-~2015-~2016. [Above Video-footage from the garden studio at Romy Schneider's & Alain Delon's former Villa Solitude, Plage Mala, Cap D'ail, South of France, where Jeanne Ricketts continued her two 2.44 x 4,80m series "Ocean's Calligraphy I & II" and her "Freed Renewal Hedge", a 12m street art billboard which she describes as "Veg'Animal-Huma'Elements". 4 Natures United 4 Life, united into a hedge of protection.]

[Romy Schneider & Alain Delon in the south of France in 1962 Photo : Bert Stern/ La Galerie de l’Instant.]

[SOULSCAPES @Villa Solitude.]

: Jeanne: Ricketts. processing her "Flower Power Pool" from her studio at her Father's Estate in La Doire de Séranon, Provence, France 2008.

. Quotes .



"Through Jeanne's painter's eye,

her photographs inspired her paintings.

Both developed into thematic 

crossed-layers, with a sensation

that her works aren't static." - 

Marco Bianco + 

[Founder of IN CAMERA Photo Gallery

Pietra Santa 2005.]

Sensibilité, précision, créativité.

Louis Cane's quote on the artist -~2010.

Founder of the Art-movement "Supports-Surfaces."