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J E A N N E  R I C K E T T S

: Collectors.


Dr. Bernard Massini, président des amis de la MAMAC, Nice - "SWAY" poster - Nice, F

M/V Yersin, a 1500m2 artwork designed for an ecological World tour

Pierre Cardin, former MAXIM'S murals, MC

Armenian Scientific Organisation of Mount Ararat,

Paris, F

The Commission for Ethnic Rights & Peace

(AIAS), Paris, F

Agence Internationale pour la Paix, Paris

Almanach de Gotha Coat of Arms, commissioned by John Kennedy, London, UK

HSH Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Bückeburg Castle,

overpainted Tour staircase mural, D

Murals at the Carmelite Chapel of Monaco, sponsored by Franca Lowen, Ocean Energy SAM

Chapel of la Doire de Séranon, "Heavenly Kingdom, Earthly Kingdom", F

First Energy Bank, Greenergy series, Bahrain

Sotheby's auction, "s.o.s" - sculpture, France

0ETP - Office des Emissions de Timbres-Postes MC. Stamp of the 100 years of Cap d'Ail, MC

Bosphorus Bridge, Société Générale, France

French Embassy, series of watercolours, MC

National Coat of Arms, H.S.H. Prince Rainier III,

50th year of reign, MC


Louis Cane - Founder of the Movement Supports / Surfaces in 1998, Paris, F

Demosthenes Canakis, CH / NYC

Claude Grunitzky, NYC

Omar Fayed, UK

Omar Masoud Abdelhafid, Lybia

Rainer Buchecker, UAE

HSH Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe, D

HSH Duke Eberhard von Württemberg, D

HSH Giovanna Orléans Bourbons, Castello di San Martino Alfieri, I

Simone Pastor, South of France

Franco e Sumyo Cremante, I

G. Platon Sagredos, CH

Stella del Monaco, CH

Ian Cranston, UK

Theo Kyriacou, MC

Henckel von Donnersmark Family, A/D

Hieronymus von Wolff-Metternich Family, D

Shahyar Amini, MC

Jamal Bahelil, A

Bhamroyal Family, D

Antonius E. M. Diekman, NL

Savino Formentini, Milano, I

Jean-Marie Fiorucci, Agence France Presse, MC

Dr. Roland & Ellen Grisar, D

Freiherr Karl-Theodor & Stephanie zu Guttenberg, USA

Hamadeh Family, MC

Count & Countess Max zu Königsegg, D

Malik Family, UK

von Weichs Family, D