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: Legal-[No]tice.

The general terms and business conditions of the Bavarian-Scottish artist known as "Jeanne Ricketts" - born : Janine-Maria: Ricketts. [~Natural-Woman-of-Flesh: Blood-and-Bones, with her sovereign Claim-of-the-Live-Life-Birth-Nativity-Treaty BIRTH & VESSEL-NUMBER: RR916760202DE112.- apply to any offences or [dis]honour of any kind in this matter. All rights [re]served in honour with-out [pre]judice [U.-C.-C. Documents-Reference-Numbers ~1-308, 1-108, 1-103, 2000043135.]


Based on the KNOWLEDGE of her Live-Life-Birth-Nativity-Treaty concurred with and coming from the desk of the : Plenipotentiary-Judge &: Postmaster-General of our World, Postmaster-Bank-Banker, Controller of the Global-Postal-Currency, Vatican-City-Key-Master-Postmaster, Commander/Chief & Postmaster-General of our Foreign-World-Postal-Banking-Corporation, : Russell-Jay: Gould. : Team-Quantum, -~ : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, stepped out of the paradigm of the fraudulent Brith Certificate System which ended worldwide in 1999 via the USA. Further information on Team-Quantum:


Based on the KNOWLEDGE of the [o]rigins of sovereignty, sovereignty-by-contract & sovereignty-by-birth;

Based on the KNOWLEDGE of the : RuStAG-Law, safeguarded since July 22nd 1913 for all humanity via the German Empire's : E[ter]nity-Rights, Empire which never complied to the Vatican's canonic rights, : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, is sole owner and official agent of her legal fiction and is hence not part of the obsolete : Legal-Fiction-World still practiced & abused under : Law-of-the-Sea, / : Admiralty-Law, / : Maritime-Law.


Hence, J.-M.: Ricketts, is no longer part of the foreign & fictitious government statutory system, it's fiction taxes, fines, fees and rules, and : WORLD-WIDE sovereignly stands within her own full sponsibility, under the authority and jurisdiction of : E[ter]nity-Rights, : God's-Law, : [Uni]versal-Law, : Natural-Law, U.-C.-C., : Common-Law.

: Copyclaim. /: Copyright, is [re]tained by J.-M.: Ricketts, " : Jeanne: Ricketts."  [re]gistered in the UK as C.E.O. of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." under company n°[~13393346] and founder of her [re]gistered-trade-mark ": S.W.A.Y.®." n°[~16.00376]

: Copyclaim. / : Copyright, must not be [re]produced without the [ex]press written [per]mission of the artist. 

Any [un]authorised [re]production will result in legal proceedings. 

The "Geneva Convention" & ": U.-P.-U." being [dis]qualified for legalising the long-obsolete Modern-Slavery-System and its : Gang-Crimes-Against-Humanity, these terms and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in [con]nection with them, shall be governed, in[ter]preted and con-strued in accordance with the : C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.=CORRECT-SENTENCE-STRUCTURE-COMMUNICATION-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-PERFORMANCE.

See : [Dis]qualifi[ed]-Global-[Or]ganizations:


All photo-graphs, [de]signs, texts, poetry, ideas and vision which : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, has made available via her Art-catalogues and on her websites [ / &] are her [intel]lectual [pro]perti which is here-with considered ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & ~SWAY®" [in]formation’.

Any use, screen-shot or [re]printing of one of her [de]signs on your mobile phone, tablets, U.-S.-B.-keys, computers / company letter-head and / or [com]mercialising / publishing of any similar variations / [dis]tortions / [ver]sions / [de]clinations of the artist's patterns and [de]signs for whatever purpose, is a direct [in]fringement of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & ~SWAY®" [intel]lectual-[pro]perti-rights.


You are herewith kindly [in]formed that whether you have signed /autho-graphed an N.-D.-A.- or not, it is an [in]fringement of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & ~SWAY®" [intel]lectual-[pro]perti-rights  if:

- You use ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." & ~"SWAY®." [in]formation for any [com]mercial, indus[trial] or other purpose; 

- or if you copy, adapt, or otherwise [re]produce ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." & ~"SWAY®." [in]formation with-out her prior written [con]sent.

I trust you adhere to the above. 

: Gratitude.

: Janine-Maria: Ricketts. / : Jeanne: Ricketts.

[ ~Natural-Woman-of-Flesh: Blood-and-Bones.

~BIRTH & VESSEL-NUMBER: RR916760202DE112. ]