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: J e a n n e:  R i c k e t t s.

: Legal-Notice.

: DATE-~14-~APRIL-~2022.

: Public Courtesy-[No]tice.

to the CEOs of [~SIC: 8888-FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS]. 

See UCC Docs # (1-308, 1-108, 1-103, 2000043135)

on Global-Gang-Crime-Complicity & it's repercussions

of sovereignty-theft based on the global birth-certificate fraude.

#JanineNicoleMariaRicketts #janineRicketts #JeanneRicketts 

: After my social-media accounts were systematically censured & taken down;

: After my Private [No]tices to my website-hoast-company were internally, systematically deleted,

: or purposely forwarded to fake emails, revealing further intentions of harming image-&

: sovereign-property-rights, following a track-record of-over-20-years of-endured-abuses

as foreseen and witnessed by international legal experts;

: A-FIFTY-MILLION-RUB-[₽]-Gold-Fine-per-minute

of any form of harm done, as consequence of the above, has been fixed,

as [WAR]NING to the known ADVERSARIES,

should any of "Them" further harm me, or order my web-hoast to be complicit

in [de]leting my-Last-Window-To-The-World on :

: Should any further misconduct occur against my witnesses, loved ones incl. myself,

The Fine above will escalate to a duration of up to -~UNLIMITED-YEARS

with immediate effect to the benefit of my clan.

: This Public-Courtesy-[No]tification has been [dis]closed to the Top-International

&: Military-Lawyers, : Legal-Witnesses, Whistleblowers and to the

: Plenipotentiary-Judge &: Postmaster-General of our World : Russell-Jay: Gould, & his Team.

: Gratitude,

: Janine-Maria: Ricketts.

CEO of Jeanne Ricketts Ltd.

Concerning "Jeanne Ricketts Limited_SWAY®", 

Link to the

Imperial: Eternity-Rights

& Sovereign-Lineage-update.

With further autographed details on the following:

1. [-De]claration-&: Order.

2. : UCC-[fin]ancing-statement-amendment.

3. : I am - [de]claration-of-[ex]istence.

4. [-de]claration-of-[con]version.

5. [-de]claration-of-[de]posit.

6. [de]claration-of-[re]ceipt .

The general terms and [con]ditions of business of the German-Scottish artist "Jeanne Ricketts" born as : Janine-Nicole-Maria: Ricketts, apply to any offences or dishonour of any kind in this matter. All rights reserved in honour without prejudice UCC Docs # (1-308, 1-108, 1-103, 2000043135).  


Based upon the knowledge that via the German Empire's RuStAG-law dated July 22nd 1913, to which  : Janine-Nicole-Maria: Ricketts' German lineage continued from, with the original & exclusively kept German Empire's "Eternity Rights" that : Janine-Nicole-Maria: Ricketts', is hence the sole owner of her legal fiction and is no longer part of the legal fiction world. She no longer remains under the statutory system and rules, and now Worldwide stands under the authority and jurisdiction of Germany's Eternity Rights, God's Law, Natural Law, which will be public knowledge via the upcoming Russian Peace-Treaty in presence of the International Alliance.

: Copyclaim/Copyright is retained by ": Jeanne: Ricketts." also registered in the UK as C.E.O. of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited." under company n°13393346 and also as founder of her registered trademark ": S.W.A.Y.®." n°-~16.00376.

: Copyclaim/Copyright must not be [re]produced without the [ex]press written permission of the artist. 

: Any unauthorised [re]production will result in legal proceedings. 

: These terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed, interpreted and construed in accordance with the : C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.=CORRECT-SENTENCE-STRUCTURE-COMMUNICATION-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-PERFORMANCE, QUANTUM-GRAMMAR.

: All photos, designs, texts, poetry, ideas and vision which "Jeanne Ricketts Limited_SWAY®" has made available via her catalogues and on this website & belong to "Jeanne Ricketts Limited_SWAY®" and is herewith considered ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited.-~SWAY®." Information’. 

: Any use or reprinting of one of her designs on your mobile phone, tablets, computers / company letterhead and / or commercialising / publishing of any similar variations / distortions / versions / declinations of the artist's patterns and designs for whatever purpose, is a direct infringement of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited.-~SWAY®." intellectual property rights.


: You are herewith kindly informed that, whether you have signed an NDA or notit is an infringement of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited.-~SWAY®" intellectual property rights if :

- You use ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited.-~SWAY®." information for any commercial, industrial or other purpose; 

- or if you copy, adapt, or otherwise reproduce ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Limited.-~SWAY®." Information without her prior written consent.


: We trust you will adhere to the above. 

: Janine-Nicole-Maria: Ricketts.