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a u t o b i o g r a p h i c a l

S H O R T  F I L M

trapped in freedom

Touch the DVD-picture above

to view the 9min short-film. 

©Jeanne Ricketts Limited / SWAY®  2012-2021

All rights reserved. Legal Terms

" a film to me is a

multilayered painting

in which all limitations of one

media merge into the next..." 

A r t S e e n

T h r o u g h

T h e S p i r i t

O f S o u l

Jeanne Ricketts

"Art cannot change events, 

but it may affect people 

​so that they are changed… 

Because people are changed by Art 

– enriched, ennobled, encouraged –

they then act in a way that 

may affect the course of events

by the way they vote, behave & think.


Franz Fox Kennedy in his Studio in Neuilly (Paris) with Jeanne Ricketts, during the realisation of "Trapped in Freedom" in the years 2013 - 2016

s y n o p s i s

trapped in freedom 

A Nine minute autobiographical short-film, edited since 12.12.12. with an open-end by Franz Fox Kennedy. Revealing what drives Jeanne Ricketts' transcendental Art experiences, whilst transmitting various premonitory dreams for-felt from a metaphysical dimension in synchronicity with the "Signs of the Times". - Written and performed by Jeanne Ricketts, a London based interdisciplinary Scottish artist, ‘TRAPPED in FREEDOM' is a blend of her street art performance, revealing for the very first time what drives her mystic creativity in holistic relation to world affairs.

Contemplation and osmosis with the waters she sailed into life since her Day of conception in Crete, shaped the calligraphy of her own musical Wave, composing her symphony via themes beyond her own awareness. Arising via inner locutions, unfolding as to how we relate to another from holistic perspectives, her surrendered state of trance in her creative proceedings often incubate as mixed-media over-drawn to over-written poetry, painted over depleted resin prints she partially cuts and sculpts into semi-reliefs. Starting with two distinct wave mouvements entitled OCEAN'S CALLIGAPHY / Seasoul - her slogan "Mektub is written in the sea.." of each 2,5 x 5 meter long series, painted live then extracted from the original 80m linear billboard she painted in 3 nights of July 2014 on the shores of Port Hercules. 

Not purely abstract yet fully intuitive, Jeanne Ricketts' poems, murals and paintings (1993-now) suggest a tartan of oceanic poiesis*, softly blurred and intertwined into a wild, almost Aboriginal to Asian calligraphic style. Her works cross-dissolve into layers of diluted inks, and have set into motion her ethereal trace. - 

“Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. Ricketts' visionary paintings link internal, emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature and human nature.” — 

Dr. Phillip Romero MD New York City, founder of the Smart Peace Prize, is a psychiatrist, art-expert and author of "Phantom Stress” co-written by Joe La Placa, Director of Cardi Gallery London. Dr. Romero interviewed scientists and other spiritual established artists such as Andy Warhol, and years later also Jeanne Ricketts at her chapel murals in Provence (France), in the pursuit of brain studies; building a theory on proving that art = survival and how its spirit can bring resilience and peace at all times.”



November 2016.


9 minutes for part 1.


by Claude Grunitzky Journalist, editor and entrepreneur. Editor-in-chief of the lifestyle publication TRACE, an international fashion and music title, and co-founder of the TRACE TV network. He runs TRUE, a transcultural think-tank and consultancy through a strategic partnership with leading network TBWA\Worldwide, and is often involved in organizing international cultural exhibitions and events.


"Enchanted Dances" By RAVEL played by Debra Maxine Trattner, Eze/Mer

"Untethered Love" all rights reserved by courtesy of FFK (Paris)

"Lost Waltz" & "Camel Train" all rights reserved by courtesy of John Wentz & EIJU (Monaco)


on the Arab Spring by Jan Frydman, Attorney at Law and former Senior EC Official.


Copyright is retained by the artist Jeanne Ricketts, a.k.a. Janine Ricketts. Copyright must not be reproduced without the express written permission of the artist. - Any unauthorised reproduction will result in legal proceedings. You are herewith kindly informed that whether you have signed an NDA or not, it is an infringement of Jeanne Ricketts' intellectual property rights if :

You use "Jeanne Ricketts'" information for any commercial, industrial or other purpose;

or if you copy, adapt, or otherwise reproduce "Jeanne Ricketts'" Information without her prior written consent.

We trust you will adhere to the above.


We are in the process of giving the possibility of patronising this piece, as this short-film is not for sale. It also serves as a resumé to develop into a film. Because of the special content, we would like to meet with special private individuals, companies and/or arrange an agency tie-up which will help evolve this short film into a film.

We shall be screening exclusively for patrons, galleries, museums & curators.

- Any production house could use it before specific movies which are screening. 
- It's also Museum & Gallery material to be screened together with some of the art-pieces mentioned in the film.

INQUIRIES, contact us

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