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: Jeanne: Ricketts.




[The general terms and business conditions of the Bavarian-Scottish artist known as Jeanne Ricketts - born : Janine-Maria: Ricketts. with her sovereign Claim of the Live Life Birth Nativity Treaty BIRTH & VESSEL-NUMBER RR916760202DE112.- apply to any offences or dishonour of any kind in this matter. A FIFTY-MILLION-RUB-[₽]-Gold-Fine-per-minute, of any form of endured harm, perpetuated against her clan & herself in her now-space, has been fixed with immediate effect, as mentioned in the Public-Minder. All rights guaranteed. The flag represents, sovereignly belonging within her Now-Space to the World by contract and that she is moored at the Global Postal Union, meaning outside the obsolete derelict Brith Certificate system endorsed by the Universal Postal Union.] 


[Based on the KNOWLEDGE of her Live Life Birth Nativity Treaty concurred with and coming from the desk of the Plenipotentiary Judge & Postmaster General of our World, Postmaster-Bank-Banker, Controller of the Global Postal Currency, Vatican City Key Master Postmaster, Commander/Chief & Postmaster-General of our Foreign World Postal Banking Corporation, : Russell-Jay: Gould. : Team-Quantum, -~  : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, stepped out of the paradigm of the fraudulent Brith Certificate System which ended World-wide in 1999 via the U.S.A.]

: For-All: Facts, &: Knowledge-on: Team-Quantum: 


[Based on the KNOWLEDGE of the origins of sovereignty, sovereignty by birth and sovereignty-by contract; and based on the KNOWLEDGE of the German Empire's RuStAG-Law still active since -~22-~JULY-~1913, : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, is sole owner and official agent of her legal fiction and is hence not part of the obsolete Fiction World still practiced & endured under Grammar-Fraud, Babel Language still practiced under the so-called fake-sovereign "Natural-Law", "Law of the Land", "Common Law", and of course abused as "Strawman, Dead at Sea, A Disease.." under the obsolete Birth-Certificate-Fraud, visibly practiced all these decades under "Law-of-the-Sea" / Admiralty-Law / Maritime-Law.]

[Hence, : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, is no longer part of the foreign & fictitious governments statutory system, nor it's fiction's ever changing taxes /fines /fees /certificates /decrees /rules /digital fiction, and World-Wide sovereignly IS a fact within her own volition and sponsibility under God's Commandments.]

: Copyclaim. /: Copyright, is [re]tained by J.-M.: Ricketts, / " : Jeanne: Ricketts. [re]gistered in the [UK] as C.E.O. of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." under company n°[~13393346] and founder of her [re]gistered-trade-mark ": S.W.A.Y.®." n°[~16.00376.]

: Copyclaim. / : Copyright, must not be [re]produced with[out] the [ex]press written [per]mission of the artist.

The : GENEVA-[CON]VENTION & THE : [UN]IVERSAL-POSTAL-[U]NION [U.-P.-U.] in [Bern] [CH], being [dis]qualified for [con]trolling their long-[ob]solete Modern-Slavery-System, See list of [Dis]qualifi[ed]-Global-[Or]ganizations: 

Any un-authorised-[re]production, copy, theft, within these terms and any [dis]pute or claim rising out of, or in linked with them, shall be judged in: C.-S.-S.-C.-P.-S.-G.-P.=CORRECT-SENTENCE-STRUCTURE-COMMUNICATION-PARSE-SYNTAX-GRAMMAR-PERFORMANCE. 


All photographs, designs, texts, poetry, ideas and vision which : Janine-Maria: Ricketts, has made available via her Art-catalogues and on her web-sites [ / &] are her intellectual properti, which is here-with considered ": Jeanne: Ricketts." /"Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & "SWAY®"-data.]

[Any use, screen-shot or reprinting of one of her designs on your mobile-phone, tablets, U.-S.-B.-keys, computers / company letter-head and / or commercialising / publishing of any similar variations / distortions / versions / declinations of the artist's patterns and designs for whatever purpose, is a direct (in)fringement of ": Jeanne: Ricketts." / "Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & "SWAY®" intellectual-properti-rights.]


[You are herewith kindly informed that whether you have signed /autographed an "N.D.A." Non.-[dis]Closure.-Agreement.- or not, it is I.P.-theft of ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd. & ~SWAY®" (in)tellectual property-rights if:

- You use ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." & ~"SWAY®." information for any commercial, industrial or other purpose; 

- or if you copy, adapt, or otherwise reproduce ": Jeanne-Ricketts-Ltd." & ~"SWAY®"-data with-out her prior written consent.

I trust you adhere to the above.]

: Gratitude.

: Janine-Maria: Ricketts. / (artist) : Jeanne: Ricketts.