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: Sovereignty-[no]tice.

: DATE-~14-~APRIL-~2022.

: Public Courtesy-[no]tice.

Concerning C.-E.-O.s of below : Modern-Slavery-Corporations.


: Global-Gang-Crime-Complicity & it's repercussions on Sovereign Human-Rights-Abuses

via their Global-Birth-Certificate-Fraud illegitimately endured since 1999.

: Based on Public Knowledge [~U.-C.-C. Docs n° 1-308, 1-108, 1-103, 2000043135.]

#JanineNicoleMariaRicketts #janineRicketts #JeanneRicketts


[~As Tone-Setter, I herewith publicly inform that after my rare presence on social-media

as well as in my daily art-life, my I.P. was systematically abused, censured & blacklisted.

: After my latest private [no]tices to my own web-host company were internally systematically,

mysteriously deleted, instructed to be forwarded to fake emails, revealing further gang-complicity in harming

my image-& sovereign-property-rights; following my track-record of-over-TWENTY-years of endured

gang-crime-abuses expertised and witnessed by international legal experts,

A FIFTY-MILLION-RUB-[₽]-Gold-Fine-per-minute, of any form of further

endured harm, perpetuated against my clan & myself as consequence of the above, 

has been fixed as last [WAR]NING to the known [AD]VERSARIES with immediate effect.

: This Public-Courtesy-[no]tice has been [dis]closed

to the honourable top-international &: military-lawyers, legal-witnesses and to the

: Plenipotentiary-Judge &: Postmaster-General of our World, Postmaster-Bank-Banker,

Controller of the Global-Postal-Currency, Vatican-City-Key-Master-Postmaster, 

Commander/Chief & Postmaster-General of our Foreign-World-Postal-Banking-Corporation,

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

: I trust you [ad]here to the above.

: Gratitude.]

: Janine-Maria: Ricketts.

C.-E.-O. of Jeanne Ricketts Ltd.

~Natural-Woman-of-Flesh: Blood-and-Bones.

Birth & Vessel-Number: R.R.~91~676~020~2DE~112.

With further sovereign [e]vidence & autographed [de]clarations below, upon request.

1. : Claim-of-the-Live-Life-Birth-Nativity-Treaty Birth & Vessel-Number: R.R.~91~676~020~2DE~112.


2. [De]claration-&: Order.

3. ~U.-C.-C.-[Fin]ancing-statement-amendment.

4. -I am-[De]claration-of-[ex]istence.

5. [De]claration-of-[con]version.

6. [De]claration-of-[de]posit.

7. [De]claration-of-[re]ceipt.